The Best Guide to Following Fort Lauderdale Turtle Treks

Searching for a family-friendly activity that will provide lifelong memories? Get up close and personal with one of nature’s most loved animals: Sea turtles. Fort Lauderdale Turtle Treks provide a safe way to explore their fragile nests. Never heard of a turtle trek? Don’t fret. Our comprehensive guide provides everything you’ll need to know about our city’s most unique local activities. Before you head out, access our complimentary Travel Guide for all of Fort Lauderdale’s thrills!

Trek Over To Your Guide

What Is a Turtle Trek?

Each year, nearly 2,000 turtle nests can be found along Fort Lauderdale’s coastline. Attend one of the city’s nighttime Turtle Treks and you may see some for yourself! These adventures aren’t solely for entertainment—they’re vital to the turtles’ preservation! Ecologists accompany guests on each journey to ensure that every newly hatched turtle makes its way to the ocean!

What to Bring on Your Trek

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Dark-colored clothing
  • Rain jacket
  • Light snack
  • Water bottle

What Can I Expect During the Trip?

A trained guide will lead you to the shoreline (a 1- to 2-mile walk) and present interesting facts along the way. You’ll learn all about the turtles’ habitat and importance to marine ecosystems! Program Volunteers carefully monitor the beach and notify guests when a nest is about to hatch. It’s important to keep all light to a bare minimum. Artificial light can confuse baby turtles after they hatch. Once the newborn turtles hatch, the experts gently guide them toward their permanent home at sea.

Want a chance to see these babies (and their mamas) in the ocean? Plan a Fort Lauderdale boat tour for later in your stay!

Where Do I Get Turtle Trek Tickets?

Florida’s premier turtle conservation group, Sea Turtle Oversight Protection, is a non-profit dedicated to informing the public about the endangered species. Their Turtle Treks of Terramar program is one of the most popular in the area. Fort Lauderdale’s Museum of Discovery and Science offers another option for turtle walkers throughout the months of June and July. Whichever trip you choose, plan for a late evening. Most treks begin around 9 p.m.!

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