Memorial Day in Fort Lauderdale

Memorial Day In Fort Lauderdale 


When you just can’t bear another day of weather “temper tantrums” in your colder climate hometown, the best way to get over the gray days and cold is by beginning to plan your Memorial Day getaway in one of the warmest areas of the nation, our hometown of Fort Lauderdale! Memorial Day, in spite of its underlying message of seriousness, has always been considered the unofficial kick off to the carefree days of summer and when you think of warmth, sunny skies, and long days spent on white sand beaches, well, your core temperature will begin to rise and the misery you have felt over this long winter will begin to lessen. This guide to a beautiful Memorial Day weekend spent in comfort and luxury in our Fort Lauderdale Stays holiday hideaways will help you find the smile that has been hiding for far too long! 


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The Reason Behind the Holiday 


Memorial Day occurs on May 27th in 2024 and as you begin to contemplate family barbecues, beach days, and a few days without an alarm clock so rudely awakening you, you may also want to take a moment of silence to remember the reason behind the holiday. So many have sacrificed everything so we can enjoy our family outings and freedom of everything, and although there are no parades scheduled this year, Lauderdale Memorial Park Cemetery, located at 2001 SW 4th Avenue, has traditionally held a simple ceremony honoring our fallen heroes, beginning at 9 AM.  


This Way to the Beach 


Now ever since your cursor landed on Fort Lauderdale as a possible vacation destination, you know you have been dreaming of that moment when you can bury your toes in the sand and fling your worries into the sea and this is the time it begins. Check out the closets of most of our beachy bungalows, condos, and cottages and discover at least one will be filled with all the essentials for a day at the beach, often including chairs, umbrellas, wagons or coolers for your convenience. And because the water is always near, it won’t take long before you are living your dream, feeling the sun beating down on your shoulders, the soft granules of sand tickling your toes, and hearing the crash of waves against sandy shores. 


A Long Standing Tradition 


The family barbecue has been a long standing tradition on Memorial Day and many of our properties will offer either a private grill (in our standalone homes) or a grill area (in our condos) that will let you and your family continue your family tradition. The smell of hot dogs and hamburgers charring may be what delights you or because the sea surrounds us, maybe this will be the year you grill the catch of the day! Wifi is included with your rental fee, so stream your favorite station, while the food is grilling, the spouse is lounging by the pool, and the kids are happily splashing in the cool waters of the private pool in your Fort Lauderdale Stays holiday hideaway. Reserve your favorite sanctuary today and discover all the ways this Memorial Day will be a memorable experience you never want to forget. 

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