3 of the Best FAT Village Bars

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Fort Lauderdale, you know that there are countless neighborhoods and districts—each with its own unique personality—nestled within “The Venice of America.” One of the newest, most funky boroughs is FAT Village: An arts district bursting with larger-than-life murals, hip restaurants, collaborative workspaces, and, most recently, local bars. Below, we’ve compiled three FAT Village bars to consider visiting when you’re in town. For more local recommendations, be sure to check out our free Fort Lauderdale Travel Guide!

Our Local Guide

3 of the Best FAT Village Bars

Rec Room

If you love bowling, beer, and live music, you need to stop by Rec Room. Don’t expect a traditional “barcade” experience, though—instead, look forward to old-fashioned “duckpin” bowling, a centuries-old version of the game we know and love today. It consists of miniature pins, wooden lanes, and a grapefruit-sized ball. The best part? Bowling is free, and you can reserve your lanes in advance (by calling the bar)! Rec Room also offers darts, shuffleboard, ring toss, and live music on Thursdays. It’s impossible to be bored at this bar!

Chops + Hops

Gone are the days of cozy cat cafes and virtuous frozen yogurt establishments. Here to stay is the somewhat brutal (yet awesome) sport of ax-throwing! You can experience it at Chops + Hops, FAT Village’s part-brewery, part-lumberjack daydream. You don’t need to do much in preparation for your visit to Chops + Hops—except get ready to have a blast! Think of it as darts, but with axes. You’re striving to rack up as many points as possible (the closer your ax lands to the bullseye, the better). Plus, you’ll be able to do it all with a frothy brew in hand. What could be better?

Laser Wolf

If you’re the type of person to feel right at home sipping a craft beer surrounded by art-covered walls, you’ll love Laser Wolf. Despite what its edgy name may suggest, this cozy, vibrant bar is a fairly approachable, unpretentious spot. Think of your favorite dive bar with a touch of funky sophistication. That’s Laser Wolf! Be sure to check out the courtyard and come when there’s live music or a pop-up shop. This is one of Fort Lauderdale’s most popular hipster haunts!

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